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Product FAQ’s

Q. Are products that use AFFIXX tape reusable?

A. AFFIXX adhesive backing is designed to not be reused, it has a super strong hold that stands up to daily use and holds up to 4.75lbs. It works on metal, mirrors, glass, tile, fiberglass, and wood surfaces and removed cleanly without leaving a residue.

Q. How do I use products with suction cups?

A. Suction cups only adhere to nonporous surfaces, please check that you are not attempting to place suction cups on textured, rough, or porous surfaces first. We recommend you clean the surface first with either soap and water or alcohol to ensure no debris on the surface before applying. Lightly damp the suction cup and apply pressure to stick.

If you are still having issues with your suction cups staying you can test the suction cups on a mirror to see if it is a problem with the actual cup – if they stick on a mirror, the cups are good to go.

Q. How do I install a tension shower rod?

A. Here is a helpful video! In fact we have a bunch of “How to Videos” on YouTube to ensure you are using and setting up all your products correctly - visit our YouTube Channel here!

Q. When installing my tension rod, it got to a certain length and locked up – it won’t budge; any advice?

A. Upon installation, the rod can get accidentally overtightened - and the spring mechanism freezes up. You can try taking the rod down and tapping it sharply, several times on a hard, firm surface. (Similar to loosening a jar lid by tapping on a counter.) Then, making certain you are turning in the proper direction (opposite direction you used to tighten) really twist the spring end. Don’t be afraid to apply a good deal of force!

Here is a helpful video! In fact we have a bunch of “How to Videos” on YouTube to ensure you are using and setting up all your products correctly - visit our YouTube Channel here!

Q. Are your products rust/mold/mildew proof?

A. Many of our products sit in extremely wet and steamy environments (kitchen and bath, sinks, showers) and are exposed to cleaning chemicals, food and other debris. This will affect the longevity of your product, and how well it resists rust, mold and mildew. ALthough we thoroughly test our products we still recommend proper cleaning and drying of our products will improve longevity and discourage rust, mold and mildew.

Please check your product packaging because rust “resistant” is different from rustproof.

Q. Are all of your fridge bins and storage containers BPA free?

A. All food storage containers are BPA free, and the majority of our plastic storage containers are, however, please do check the product descriptions on the product detail pages and/or the product packaging.

Q. Are your products PROP 65 compliant?

A. Yes, our products are PROP 65 compliant.

General Product FAQ’s

Q: Where can I buy iDesign products?

A. You can buy directly from our website or you can visit our Partner page for a global list of retailers currently selling iDesign products.

Q: How do I submit my product idea to iDesign?

A. We appreciate you wanting to partner with iDesign, but we are currently not accepting product idea submissions

Q: How do I become an iDesign distributor?

A. Please visit our Wholesale page for more details

Q. I would like to purchase your products in large quantities; how does one go about the process?

A. Please note that we do not offer trade discounts. Please visit our wholesale page

Q. Are you hiring?

A. Please visit our Career page for more information on the company and view open positions here!


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A. At this time we only ship to end consumers in the US 50 states. Please visit our partner page for a listing of our global retail partners that sell iDesign online and instore

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with my product, and need to return it for a replacement or a refund?

A. If you purchased your product at a retail store or website other than here please return your product wherever you shop. If you purchased your product through this website then please see our return policy page (located at the bottom). We will be happy to refund or replace your product, we do not accept physical products back, so after your refund/return is complete we ask that you either donate it or dispose of it according to our helpful disposal guide.