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We create simple, sustainable organization products—for your home and a healthier planet.

Our Sustainability Journey

“For iDesign, sustainability is woven into the DNA of our strategic priorities at every level of the company. We are on track to have over 60% of our current clear plastic storage solutions transitioned to rPET, or post-consumer recycled plastic, by the end of this year—that equates to 500 million plastic water bottles removed from our landfills”

- Chris Quinn, President & CEO of iDesign

Our Goals

iDesign’s goal is to transition all current plastic products to recycled plastic by 2025.

This year alone, the product transition at iDesign will help divert 10 million pounds of virgin plastic from landfills to repurpose for current and new product offerings at the company.

Our Materials


iDesign is investing in the future of our planet. Reimagining single use plastics into new recycled plastic products.

ID Renew is the same quality, clarity and functionality you’ve come to expect from iDesign, now made with a foundation of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.


iDesign is repurposing used or discarded materials by recycling and transforming them into beautiful organization solution.

“At iDesign, Circularity is the foundational principle of all our new product development.

We have created a revolutionary material composition that delivers the same quality, functionality, and clarity, our customers have come to love and expect.

Not only will our products be made of recycled plastic, but they also can be recycled at the end of its life in order to make more products of recycled material. This is our continuous commitment to a circular economy.”

- James Gallagher, EVP of Strategy & Innovation at iDesign.